Friday, 10 June 2011

My Birthday

So I've had my birthday. It was ok i guess, i mean it was ok. Now that sounds shallow. I don't mean i didn't get the gifts i wanted or anything i couldn't care less about them, its just i wanted people to treat me differently for one day. Why can't i have one day when im the center of attension. its not fair that my best friend forgot my birthday. imagine what that feels like :( it feels like sadness.

I've desided I hate birthdays. There just a day that i can get dissapointed.

Im gratefull for the things my family got for me through. i got some hairstarighteners, a straw hat, some books and a green watch. greens my fav colour and its awesome.

I also had the best birthday meal ever... POT NOODLE!!!! how cool is that, i nesently got my bottom braces on so i couldn't eat anything hard so i had pot noodle. i haven't had it in years. so many memories of eating it after going to the beach. i always used to burn my tounge... good times.

anyways i got to go. i'll write soon xxx

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